The Book

If there ever was a time to give yourself an edge, it is now. There has never been a more important time in history to step apart from the crowd.

This ULTIMATE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS GUIDE will have you standing out a succeeding more by creating high-impact mentor relationships, right from the start!

These days you need more than smarts to succeed. You need a network of never-let you-fail mentors who support your growth and help you achieve your dreams. It works! All successful people have mentors in their life who help them at various stages of their development. This book will show you the five pillars to pull these people towards you, every time!

Every parent, counselor, and human resource department will want to give this to a young professional they care about. Click here to get your copy of the book.

Five Pillars discussed in this book are the following:

Pillar #1 Creating Your Magnetic Story

• How an extremely common way of thinking is sabotaging your success (You are probably thinking this way right now and you don’t even know it’s a problem!)

• The “BIG Lie” that holds so many people back right now that can easily be overcame once you identify it

• How to organize your life experiences, skills, and passions into a compelling life mission statement that will make you magnetic to mentors.

• The two major personality types that exist in Corporate America and how one in prone to getting things done and the other isn’t

• The top three 21st century skills companies will be recruiting for in future hires

• The simple secrets of obtaining happiness at work without sacrificing happiness in the rest of your life.

Pillar 2 The Four Types of Mentors

• The four types of people that EVERY C.E.O. and millionaire keeps in her inner circle

• What people to attach yourself to in your company to make sure you get ahead

• How to avoid the # 1 self-confidence killer when it comes to finding mentors

Pillar #3 The Art of The Introduction

• How to leave a first class first impression (A step by step guide for what to do before, during, and after you meet your mentor)

•The one thing most people just don’t do and how it is costing them big time (and how you can avoid it)

• The shy person’s guide for networking success ( Word for word email and phone scripts to make any person in a company wanto to mentor you within 3 months)

• 8 great places to find great mentors!

Pillar #4 How to Nurture Relationships So They Are Lasting and Valuable

• The single most important concept in nurturing and growing relationships (you may be hurting yourself right now by not following this!)

• 3 simple tricks to get higher access to the movers and shakers in your company

• The two biggest reasons most people don’t get what they want (and how you can overcome them instantly.)

• The four things you should do in all your relationships (that if you consistently will ALWAYS make people want to see you succeed)

Pillar #5 Your Gratitude Determines Your Latitude

* Two simple ideas to help you appreciate every waking moment and ultimately feel happier about your life and career

* The most effective way to defeat negatives feelings about your current position in life