Here’s a List of Learning Resources About Mentoring!

14 Useful mentoring websites

  1. interviews and tips from mentees about how mentors benefited them.
  2. meetups by industry and interest. Great place to make industry contacts and meet mentors.
  3. brief biographies of top achievers in history, great place for inspirational mentors.
  4. Matches engineering and science students with e-mentors.
  5. mentor matching program, events, and articles for women in finance
  6. resources and mentoring to aspiring health professionals.
  7. Offers Q&A with mentors in various fields
  8. Offers transcripts of jobshadow interviews with professionals in various fields. Great way to brush up on your industry before an interview.
  9. mentor matching, articles, and resources for small business owners.
  10. mentor resource for those interested in the publishing and magazine industry. Offers 60- minute mentoring sessions.
  1. articles and tips on navigating a law career. Has good advice for finding mentors and sponsors.
  2. resource for articles, tips, and networking for young entrepreneurs.
  3. website for developing career skills. They have some great articles and tools.
  4. Great site to find local opportunities to be a mentor.



1. Getting New Hires Up to Speed Quickly
By Keith Rollag, Salvatore Parise and Rob Cross (Winter 2005)

The key to making new employees productive quickly, known as “rapid

on-boarding,” is to help them immediately build an informational network

with co-workers.

2. Top 100 most desirable mentors

Gen Juice spoke with young adults throughout the world and here is who they admire.

Click link above to read.

3360 Degree Mentoring

By Elizabeth Collins

“The ideal mentor is a network of mentors-from all levels of your organization.”


43 Reasons Every Twenty-Something Needs a Mentor

By Bert Gervais

Three reasons why motivated young adults should connect with mentors.

5. When Mentoring Goes Bad

By Dawn E. Chandler, Lillian Ebby And Stacy E. Mcmanus of the Wall Street Journal

A good relationship can help both mentor and protégé. Here’s how to make sure that happens.

6. Mentoring’s Impact on Mentors

Does mentoring have a dollar impact on mentors? Click link to above case study to find out.

7. Beyond the Myth of the Perfect Mentor

By Linda Hill, Harvard Business Review




Maxwell’s book is a great, concise, refresher of the simple basics

that make mentoring so powerful.

By John C. Maxwell





Who’s in Your Top Hive is  the Ultimate Young Professionals Guide for creating

high-impact mentor relationships and enjoying above average career growth!

By Bert Gervais.





Filled with case studies and examples this book is great for mentees, mentors,

and mentor coordinators in high potential programs.

By Ellen Ensher and Susan Murphy.