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Acknowledged by President Obama for his work as a young leader in America,  Bert Gervais a.k.a “The Mentor Guy”  is an author, thought leader, and mentor evangelist.  Black enterprise.com describes him as a rising star and the book Millennial Leaders calls him one of “The Top Gen Y” leaders in the country. His secret? By the time he was 25 years old he had already formed 25 mentor relationships.

Having been born in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, Bert quickly realized the value of seizing opportunities and encourages his peers to do the same. He came to America with no connections, limited resources, and separated from his mother. Bert quickly turned his step backs into step ups. By 2006, while at Binghamton University,  he started an internet company and was named the East Coast Student Entrepreneur of the Year.” By 2007 he had already fundraised $10,000 for Hurricane Katrina victims.  His best selling book Who’s In Your Top Hive: Your Guide to Finding Your Success Mentors shares the lessons he learned during his journey. He has spoken to over 30,000 young adults in 30 states and 2 countries  and has been featured on Fox News and USA Today. He wakes up everyday with one goal,  live up to the epitaph he once wrote for his tombstone:”this man’s life helped to make average disappear.”



I know what its like to have stress and uncertainty about your career take over life.

My story starts in my senior year of College. I had just realized that I didn’t want to be a lawyer and wanted to pursue business. Changing your major and career focus in your last year of college is a daunting task for even the best students. For an average student like myself this was a terrifying experience. Because I had so much ground to make up I had to find ways to accelerate my journey. My stress and anxiety over my future only grew as I developed a rare disease during the Fall of 2006. I almost died in a Chicago Hospital and spent Thanksgiving eating hospital food. That incident forced me to take a step back from the hyper-paced lifestyle I was living and gain a new appreciation for the relationships in my life. When you can’t walk by yourself it becomes clear to you pretty quickly that you CAN”T do it alone. No one can.

When I became better, I realized I was not only behind in terms of graduating college, I also was behind in the pursuit of my dreams. Looking back on that time, my failures and my successes which I go into more depth about in my book, Who’s In Your Top Hive: You’re Guide To Finding Your Success Mentors, one truth became clear. Having the right mentors may be the single greatest advantage anyone person can have when pursuing success.


I learned through fire what I wan’t you to learn through wisdom

Throughout my journey I realized was tired of being stuck, and always feeling “almost successful.” I was tired of watching my friends go through the same cycle of hope and despair. Why others just so “lucky” and what did they “get” that I did not.


I had no choice but to study how people achieve.

I dedicated hundreds of hours interviewing different professionals in fortune 500 companies, startups, and small to medium sized companies to figure out what separated high achievers from average achievers. Those who were doing well had something in common. They all had mentors. Not just any mentors, success mentors-those people who can magnify your ability to attract wealth, prosperity, and success. I thought that if I could raise the visibility of the power of mentoring for my generation than my time here was well spent.

Acknowledged by President Obama for his work as a young leader in America, Bert Gervais is a trailblazer, thought leader and mentor evangelist.