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You know that ”stuck” feeling you get when you realize that you’re running in place.

If you’re like me when you don’t know what to do next you do nothing.

Most people I know, myself included, experienced this feeling in the last couple of years -”big time.”

That’s where mentors come in.

That little phase we all hear about, the “quarter life crisis”, usually kicks in your first or second job out of college, leaving us slumped, and dejected on a musty basement couch looking for answers.

You could figure it out on your own, and surely some of us do. On the flip side, many people. are starting to see that it is way more effective to grow with mentors.

I’m not a self-helpy, gather round and hold hands “kumbaya” kind of guy. All I know is when I see companies like Mckinsey and Mckinsey encouraging their employees to “build your own Mckinsey” -a term for small colloborative mentor groups invested in each other mutual success and I see IBM and Smith Barney toying with the same ideas, it probably means something is up. I want to help you get ahead of the curve. It matters to me personally because one day I woke up and realized I was a history major who should have majored in business and entrepreneurship and fell flat on my face. I counted on every relationship, every mentor I had to realize my dream of starting a business by 21 and getting a foot in the door in marketing at a major Fortune 500 company.

So why bother reading this blog? Whether you are looking to be more productive and happy at your current career, or looking for a way to get into the career you want, studies show having a network of success mentors can give you the boost you need to get out of your rut and on the fast track to success. Stick around for great tips, success stories, and ideas that will help you build the network of mentors that lift you out of the quarter life blues and launch you into a meaningful, productive, and fulfilling career.