For College Seniors: How to“Flash” your way into success after college…not what you think

Flash the ID.
I don’t mean the chalked Id that gets you into mug night or the Lamda –Que party. I mean your college ID, that laminated vehicle of plastic goodness.

Seriously, for some reason when people see a college ID they give away expensive ideas-for free ninety nine! My college buddy and business partner Arel perfected the approach. He used to go around scoring free advice from local business owners by flashing the “ID.” “Hey I am a local college student”, he would announce innocently, “I am trying to find a my way and I wanted to interview some local entrepreneurs. Would it be alright if I picked your brain and learned about your story?” Good move. I followed suit.

Meeting local entrepreneurs near Binghamton University led to us finding our “Morpheus” (cool word for mentor who bends spoons), making “hot fire” business connections, and inspiring us to become the entrepreneurs we are today.

Many people were surprised to hear that Arel and I beat out MBA students to win a $5,000 business plan competition. They were even more surprised to hear to that two 20- year old political science majors who had never taken one business class beat a tech whiz who got a perfect score on his SAT. Ok I didn’t confirm he got a perfect score but he was the second coming of Dougie Houser, I swear.

I’ll leave you with this. Generation Y consumes more information than any other previous generation before. There are 25 year-old millionaires and C.E.O’s. I have plenty of them in my *beehive (circle of mentors.) This is inspiring stuff.

When you approach a, lawyer, doctor, business owner, or musician that lives in your college town you get instant respect. They will appreciate you starting out at a young age and your genuine interest in them. They will admire your ambition, and most times be willing to go above and beyond to mentor you. So what are you waiting for? Go flash someone.

….and tell me about it

p.s. the used of the word “hot fire” in this article was inspired by Dylan from Making the Band. He couldn’t sing but boy did he have a command of the English language