Drop The Resolutions. Try U-mail.

We all have that one friend.

They get their gym membership Dec. 31st along with all the other resolutions they plan to break.

By the time March rolls around, they find themselves discouraged, umotivated, and four pounds


Whether you want to pursue business goals or lose weight by next year there is a better way.


My college buddy Ian was in a powerful national business fraternity that used a version of this technique for year long motivation.

It goes like this.

Print a picture of yourself on a sheet of paper.

On the back of the paper have two columns.

Column A: What You will look like next January 1st.

This can include physical, financial, and social parts of your life.

Will you be someone who is

  • Free of credit card debt?
  • 15 pounds lighter.
  • Recognized by the associations in your niche as an industry expert?

Column B: Is where you explain why you should become this person.

Appropriately this column should be titled “So that I can…”

Adding the emotional and physical benefits goals makes them sticky.

Here is an example of what  ”so-that-I-can’s” from the three goals above could look like.

  • No credit card debt so that I can improve my emotions about money and attract more of it into my life
  • Be 15 pounds lighter so that I can have more energy to spend more time with my friends, significant other, or ailing mother.
  • Become an expert so that I can, earn the credibility and payoff that allows me to finally travel and get grown up health insurance.

Following so far? Great! Here is the money part.


Give this U-Mail to a trusted friend, mentor, or colleague and ask them to mail it to you so that you get it in your mailbox

next January 1st. That way when that worn envelope makes its way into your mailbox a year from now, and you open the  U-mail, you’ll be able to see how much you’ve grown as a person.

The results will astonish you.