P.V.S., Don’t Leave Home Without It (Why personal vision statements matter)

who-am-II often preach about why you absolutely must do a personal mission statement before you reach out to mentors. I talk about this in my “attract mentors pt. 1″ clip featured on this blog. I thought I would recap here three reasons why this is an awesome idea:

1. Anyone worth their salt, guards their time like Paris Hilton guards a french poodle. You can’t connect with, let alone get the attention of, a successful person until you know how she spends her time. Hint: It’s all about “attraction” for these people. Not the physical kind, but the attraction to similar core values and like visions. Know your core values. If you can’t quickly rattle off your core values and vision it will be pretty hard to forge an authentic bond with anyone. Sidebar: I write this assuming you want to be mentored by successful people not losers unsuccessful people. That process is much easier.

2. A well crafted personal vision statement will force you to answer tough questions in a structured way that help you figure out exactly what you stand for, and what your core values are.

3. The clarity you develop from a personal vision statement actually boosts your confidence. When you are clear on what you will and will not do, people will generally gravitate to you. This is never a bad thing. Think Heath ledgers joker, a love-able anarchist who treats  city like his personal playground of doom. No one leaving the Dark Knight, was wondering what Joker stood for-pretty much all that is evil-yet our eyes are glued to him the whole movie. We like resolute people.

For a great “how to” on creating a personal vision statement follow the link below: